starting to build the hive…

Just like honey bees starting out in a new hive, Em and I are busy working through completing our new site. We’d like to start by first saying “THANK YOU!” to all who have encouraged us along the way. It sure gives a person the warm fuzzies to be surrounded by such good people who believe in you.

Second, we’d just like to let everyone know that we will be adding a lot more to the site in the coming weeks. This is an exciting venture for us; I won’t say new venture, because it’s been in the works for two years. You know how you always think, “I’ll do such and such when the time is right.”? Well, there is no right time; sometimes Fate determines the time, and sometimes, that time is NOW! We’ve had several things occur lately that has propelled us forward in this undertaking, and things are moving fast now. These are exciting times and we are happy to finally see the vision come to fruition. In the meantime, if anyone has special requests, or questions, please just send us a note on the contact page.

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Commonly called Larlar, D, mama, or if your my mama, Darla Jean. Was labeled "country girl" in first grade on the merry-go-round due to my cowboy boots. I continue to uphold and honor that title to this day.
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